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Temporary Tramcar Shed / Stables gets Planning Permission

posted 27 Feb 2017, 08:29 by Friends of DBHT
The IOM Planning Committee has approved the application from the Department of Infrastructure (Ref 16/01365/B), for the Erection of temporary horse tram facility including tram shed, stables, staff welfare facilities, parking and new vehicular access on part of the 'Summerland' Site at the northern extent of the Douglas Promenades.

The approval carries a number of conditions including:
  • The external walls, doors, sliding doors and roller shutter doors on the new building must be a dark green/olive green colour. REASON: In the interests of the character and appearance of the site and surrounding area.
  • The building hereby approved shall be removed from the site and the land returned to its previous appearance within four years of the date of this notice. In the event that the building is no longer used or required for the operation of the Horse Tramway before the four year permission expires then the building shall be removed and the ground restored to its former condition. REASON: The building has been exceptionally approved solely to meet the short term needs of the Horse Tramway and its subsequent retention would result in an unwarranted intrusion in the Conservation Area. Furthermore, the building has been sought for a temporary basis and has been assessed and approved as such.
  • The proposed parking layout is required to be provided prior to the occupation of the building hereby approved. REASON: To ensure adequate off street parking is provided on site.
To view / download the full proposed Plans & Elevations for the facility, CLICK HERE