There are a number of 'retired - now drawing pension' trammers resident at the IOM Home of Rest for Old Horses, an entirely charitable organisation. Please support Debbie, Fletcher, Gwynne, John, Jubilee, Nicola, Rupert, Tim & Una by visiting the home when open and by making a kind donation to their upkeep, or by adopting one of them.

The Isle of Man Home of Rest for Old Horses came into being in 1950 when Mrs Mildred Royston and her sister, Miss Kermode, became dismayed at the number of perfectly fit, old working horses being shipped from the Island for a doubtful future.  Of particular concern were the old tram horses.

From small beginnings, hard work, dedication and a lean income, the Home of Rest progressed until 1955 when a fortunate legacy provided the means to purchase 'Bulrhenny', a farm with 92 acres of pasture to the south of Douglas, where the home is now located.  Since 1950, more than 300 equines have found a happy 'retirement' from all walks of life. 
Today, the Home of Rest looks after more than 60 horses and donkeys. It has 'first option' on taking in tram horses as they retire.

Normally open to the public from May through to the end of September (Sundays to Fridays, not Saturdays), then during the October half-term week and an illuminated festive fortnight in December.  Please check with the Home of Rest to confirm actual open days and times before planning your journey and setting out.  There is a tea room and gift shop on site. 

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Friends of Douglas Bay Horse Tramway is an independent news and information service, helping to promote and support the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, its draught horses and its historic tramcars. The Tramway (including the horses and thirteen retained tramcars) is now owned by the Isle of Man Government and operated as a subsidised heritage transport service and visitor attraction by Isle of Man Railways, part of the Department of Infrastructure.

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